We are a member’s club where we strive to make this a club of which members can be proud. Our goal is to find various ways to provide value to our members. Membership fees allow us to keep making updates to our club to better serve our players, to allow us to provide all the services and amenities that we do. It is these membership fees that have allowed us to reinvest so much back into the club to keep this looking like a state-of-the-art facility.

Bloomfield Tennis Club Membership Options 

Individual Adult Family (2 adults + kids) Couple (2 adults) 1 adult + kids Young Adult (23 - 29) Junior (under 23)
Full Club (indoor + outdoor) $828 $1,656 $1,325 $1,043 $621 $331
10% Discount if paid in fully by Sept. 30 $745 $1,490 $1,192 $939 $559 $298
(Discount only applies to full club membership)
Indoor only - full year  $229  $458 $366 $289 $172 $92
Outdoor only - 3 options: $599 $1,198 $958 $755 $449 $240
1. Tennis (also gets you 2 & 3) $349 $698 $558 $440 $262 $140
2. Pool (also gets you 3) $249 $498 $398 $314 $187 $100
3. Pickleball 
No initiation fees
All outdoor membership options discounted 50% for 2022

Benefits of indoor membership:

  • Priority and discounts when participating in club programs and clinics
  • Ability to join a seasonal group
  • Discounts on rackets, shoes, clothes, etc.
  • Ability to play on USTA teams
  • 2 guest passes

Benefits of outdoor Membership 

  • Benefits of outdoor membership:
    • Ability to use unlimited outdoor courts without court fees
      • Lesson and clinic fees still apply, even with a membership 
      • Reservation system to book your courts ahead of time
    • No indoor court fees during summer season
    • Reserve a season group
    • Priority when participating in club programs and clinics
    • Can play on summer league teams
    • 4 guest passes
    • Access to pool when it’s ready
    • Discounts on rackets, shoes, clothes etc.

Please note that indoor court fees apply during the 35-week indoor season, even with an indoor membership

Indoor guest policy

  • If you choose not to buy an annual membership, you will have to pay a daily membership fee of $10 every time you play indoors, whether you are just renting a court, taking a lesson, or participating in a clinic. This is a fee that gets charged on top of the court or clinic cost
  • All new players are allowed to play twice without the $10 fee

Outdoor guest policy

  • Members can invite as many guests as they want to play with them at no charge, where each individual can play as a guest 4 times without outdoor membership
  • All outdoor membership options are 50% for 2022